Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day at the Lake part 2

In the shade, yet still can't open her eyes.

I love this picture, I laugh/smile everytime I look at it. Charlotte looks so thrilled to be with Dave.

You can see in these pictures Dave is sporting a new golf hat. He said he also tried on a few TaylorMade hats but felt he couldn't purchase one because he didn't own any TaylorMade clubs. haha. I had to remind him that he is not Tiger Woods and would not be in breech of any contractual obligations from his sponsors.

Alison, Charlotte, Grandma and I went to a Canada Day party at the Foothills Stake Centre. It was pretty fun but really crowded. I hope Alison enjoyed that cotton candy because we waited in line for 25 minutes for it. Alison also got to do a craft, go on a bouncy castle, and see a petting zoo.

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