Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear Charlotte

Oh miss Charlotte. I'm a little bit obsessed with you. At home you are my big girl, my helper, and my friend. You are hilarious and silly but you still snuggle. You are a permanent fixture on my lap when I'm playing the piano. I love your song you "composed" on the piano about the polka dot dress. I know you're still working on the lyrics, but it's coming along great.

I love how you can recount memories from months and months ago. From what was in your lunch box when you picked up Emmeline at the hospital (strawberry milk, cheese string and a sandwich that grandma Smith made for you is what you accurately recalled) to the color of the dress your cousin Suzie wore at Disney World last January (Blue and you plan on borrowing it in May apparently).

I found it unbearably cute how you sat and watched Conference with us while you worked away at your Conference bingo sheet. You were on top of every word the speaker spoke, even if some weren't part of the sheet. "I heard 'to do' I heard them say 'mercy' they said 'church'! "


I love how you are the most beautiful 3 year old I've ever seen. 

 I love admiring your golden curls, even though you only let me curl your hair twice a year.
Thanks for coming to my haircut appointment so I could tell the hairdresser that I wanted my haircut just like yours. 

 I'm surprised by how you ponder things. I still don't know where you came up with the explanation that Angel Moroni is on the temple to play his trumpet when Jesus comes.

Please don't grow up too fast!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Snowshoeing Adventure


For Christmas my brother and I got my parents a helicopter/snowshoeing package. It was a great deal (Groupon) so Dave and I got ourselves the gift as well. We finally went on the trip in the middle of March. It was everybody's first time in a helicopter as well as our first time snowshoeing. It was a beautiful warm day, we had great food, great company and a great time. Big thanks to Jordan and Cherisa and Steve and Janae for watching our girlies so we could go. Dave and I felt like we were straight off the Bachelor riding in the chopper. Take that Ben and Courtney.