Saturday, June 19, 2010


The past couple of weeks Dave and I have been in Boston where he's been doing an internal medicine rotation at Mass General Hospital (MGH). He was very lucky to get a rotation there almost all thanks to his aunt and uncle for knowing the right people :). It was a ton of hours (80+ work weeks) and he was exhausted but I think it will look really good on his applications for applying to a residency program. Perhaps our chances of matching in Calgary will go up due to that rotation, which is the goal - to stay in Calgary.

The little time that Dave and I had together was unforgettable. We were lucky enough to be able to go to a Red Sox game and game 3 of the Lakers vs. Celtics NBA finals. The games were so fun! We loved being able to spend time together. Traveling with Dave is always a blast.

I feel like while we were gone Charlotte changed so much and seems so grown up to me. She started walking (not a moment too soon), she learned so many new animal noises while visiting petting zoos etc, and since Dave was gone so much I feel like she and I had time to really bond. When I say "I love you" to Charlotte she usually leans in and kisses me. I feel as though she's my little friend and I was so grateful to go and experience things with her. She is at such a fun age right now!

Charlotte and I were able to do and see some really fun things. Thanks to our Aunt Laurie (I consider her MY aunt just as much as Dave's aunt) took so much time out of her schedule to show us around. We really felt at home with them and are grateful for the opportunity we had to get to know them. They are wonderful people! We loved visiting Boston and I'm already wondering if I can figure out another way to go back sometime.

Chocolate muffin + a green & pink cowboy hat = a good day

Charlotte always rides in her stroller with her feet up like this. It makes me laugh every time

Climbing at the playground

Fenway Park

Red Sox Game

NBA finals game!

A kid in a candy store

Downtown Boston

Charlotte insisted on wearing this hat even in the house. Yes it's a little dorky..

Harvard Library

Swan boats

It was really fun to go for a walk and look at all the beautiful homes. They have such charm and personality. This was one of my favs.

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