Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Utah Trip

The girls and Dad headed to St. George and Provo in August for a sun-filled, fun-filled vacation.

First stop was St. George. Amanda accomplished her tanning goals within the first two days in St. George, Alison loved the tropical feel and swimming, I loved a cute little shopping store (among other things), mom loved being warm, and dad loved being in vacation mode.

While in St. George we went to an outdoor showing of the musical Tarzan. It was really well done, although we all agreed Lion King still was the favorite.

Hiking in Zion's National Park

reenacting scenes from the Lion King (above and below)

Proof that mom was in the water

After a few days we headed to Provo where we spent time with Shauna and John, went hiking, did quite a bit of shopping (sorry dad), ate a ton of frozen yogurt, swam, and much more that I can't think of :)

Kangaroo Zoo

Every night Amanda and I would play with each others hair until it looked like a mane. We also watched lame Disney movies every night which were acutally awesome haha

Chairlift in Sundance

kinked neck anyone?

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