Sunday, December 25, 2011


Mom, Dad, Amanda, Alison and I, got to accompany dad on a business trip to Arizona. We toured in a cool new rental (cool as a van can get). Mom loved it; as she got to lie in the sun, which is what she does best. I did what I did best, which was running around outside, and running on the treadmill inside. Alison took a few really good pictures, which was an activity she got into there. Here is the tanning order from the greatest time to least time spent: Mom, Amanda, Dad and I, and very much last place – Alison.

As far as “out of the resort activity” there was shopping, riding bikes, and using the other resorts tennis court. We all went on a bike ride together, and a hike. Then Dad and I went on a navy seal type bike ride on pathways filled with small boulders and uphill almost the entire way. Amanda went grad dress shopping with mom, the mall was cool, and Dillards department store is twice the size of Midnapore mall. With stuff close to the same price, but has actual worth.

The weather was very nice, and the resorts and vegetation were incredibly unique and beautiful. A lot of the buildings and houses are made of a red-brown rock. There were cactuses that were bigger than we thought possible; some were at least 30 feet high.

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