Friday, April 16, 2010

Smith family lately...

Spencer just headed off to BYUI this morning. He left with mom and I'm sure it will be a teary drive home for her as it has been the first two times she dropped kids off at college. Spencer worked really hard to complete the classes he needed take the ACT. He did really well and got into the track he wanted. He's planning to complete his Spring semester and work towards getting his mission papers in.

Amanda has been working hard in school and has achieved honors with distinction by getting an average of 90% or higher. She's on this short list with 10 other grade 11's in her school.

Alison found a digital camera someone left at the house and has been obsessed with taking pictures of everyone. She does a pretty good job.

A couple weeks ago Dave and I took advantage of free golf a course was offering. I can't even describe how windy it was. Not to mention not that warm and sunny either. Since the course is in a developing area out in the middle of nowhere there is a lot of construction going on. By the end of the round we had wind-blown dirt in our mouths, teeth, hair etc. It felt really similar to when I was working construction at the Glenco. Despite the not so ideal conditions we had a lot of fun. Sorry Gary that the wind blew your umbrella cover into no man's land. You can put it on our tab.

The next group of pictures were taken on Easter Sunday. Charlotte's beautiful Easter dress was part of her birthday present from Grandma Wendie to match her ballet wrap. I love the dress and wrap! Charlotte gets compliments on it every time she wears it. After church Charlotte enjoyed some hall time with her friend Brooklynn. She is obsessed with our neighbour's dog and barks whenever she hears them open their door. Other things she has been saying are hi, hello, here you go (heee -go), bye, no, banana (nana), mama, dada.

Brooklynn is more the walker, Charlotte is more of a passenger

I threw in the last picture because Charlotte looks so cute and grown up in it! I can't believe that she's growing out of her baby stage and looking more and more like a big girl. Lately she loves to wrestle and "get daddy", climb at the playground, get into everything, hug her babies, bounce on the trampoline and see animals.

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