Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

After all these years filled with joy, sadness, fun, heartache, hard work, great rewards, blessings and trials, she's still as beautiful and youthful as ever.

We had a really nice Mother's Day at the house. We missed Spencer who was at BYU Idaho, but he was able to share a lot of gospel insights he's gained from his Book of Mormon class over the phone with mom for her Mother's Day gift. That was right up her alley. Maybe we can have Spencer post some of his insights.

Roses from her FB son (First Born)

Flowers that Alison picked out all by herself for mom (above)

Amanda, Alison and I sang an arrangement I wrote for mom of "Mother Tell me the Stories"

Amanda and Alison sang another song that Amanda wrote the accompaniment for. It may or may not have been taken from

"Motherhood is just another name for sacrifice. From the moment the wee, helpless babe is laid on the pillow beside her, Mother daily, hourly, gives of her life to her loved one.... All through the years of babyhood, childhood, and youth, aye, even after her girls themselves become motehrs and her sons, fathers, she tenderly, lovingly sacrifices for them her time, her comfort, her pleasures, her needed rest and recreation, and, if necessary, health and life itself! No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother's love. "
- David O. McKay

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