Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crypt Lake- Waterton

I always say that I love hiking, and I do, but I rarely ever get my things together and plan a hike. Thankfully Jordan planned one this summer! It was a 17km hike which makes up for all the other times I didn’t go hiking, and it had a lake at the top! What a reward! We went down to Waterton with Jordan’s parents and his sister Amanda. We had to take a ferry out to the starting point and from there the fun began! And the whining... haha

I wanted to get a good workout so I tried to carry our pack most of the way, but it was so far up, that I eventually passed it onto Jordan. But I was impressed with myself for carrying it for so long. Unfortunately our subway sandwiches got totally squished and soggy, but we were able to salvage some of it and still got a good lunch.

Once we got to the lake, me and the girls were tired and wanted to just sit and eat our lunch before heading back down. But Jordan and Kelly decided to hike around the lake after spotting some snow further down. We get enough snow in the Winter, I just want to forget about it in the summer!

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