Monday, November 29, 2010

family update

Jordan: the most noteworthy item to mention is his marriage to Cherisa Tagg in August! He is still working at Transcanada and continues to stay busy playing tennis, volleyball, racquetball and hockey. He turned 28 this year which hasn't seemed to slow him down at all. Jordan recently got called to be a Scout leader which will be a great fit. Jordan and Cherisa have worked hard to fix their apartment up by installing floors, and painting furniture.

Cherisa: The newest addition to the Smith family and we couldn't be more excited! Cherisa is currently working at Montana's Restaurant and is working to finish her Bachelor's degree from BYUI in health studies. She is a very hard worker and if you ever second guess that just remember that she shovelled snow for 4.5 hours by herself in one day. Cherisa is currently a FHE group leader in the ward.

Jenny: keeps busy by teaching step aerobics, singing, decorating, and most importantly being a mom to Charlotte. She still plays piano for the primary and organizes the mothers group for the ward.

Dave: Keeps very busy as he is in his third year in medical school. I heard him say that this is the most tired he has been in his entire life. In addition to that he is a counsellor in the Elders Quorum and still finds time to give his two girls the attention they need (okay, want).

Spencer: Currently working on submitting his mission papers which is such an accomplishment, way to go Spence! He is working at a great labor job with nice people. He is continually working harder than almost anyone I know and is still the most honest person I have ever met. Despite having to deal with very difficult situations and trials he has some how been able to maintain his quick wit and `Spence`of humor.

Matthew: Started volunteering as a dog bather at Petland which is a great fit for someone who is such a dog lover. He is a person who noticeable strives to be accepting of people in diverse circumstances and has a great sense of humor. He has a soft heart which is evident when Charlotte comes to visit. He is currently in a recovery program in Calgary. Despite setbacks he still continues to work hard to overcome his extremely difficult challenges.

Amanda: is in grade 12 at Centennial High School. She takes voice lesson two times per week and juggles the workload of learning dozens of songs with the huge homework load she gets each night. Her vocal technique is oustanding and is also proficient with the piano and guitar. She also sings in a performance group of friends once per week AND particpates in the school and church choirs. She is looking at different options for college including BYUI, BYU Provo, and University of Alberta. Whereever she goes she will be successful.

Alison: Turns 7 next month and is in grade one. She takes piano and swimming lessons. She has spent so much time with the other girls in the family discussing singing lessons that she now knows quite a bit about voice technique. She once said, "Mom, when I sneeze, I engage my back muscles!" She is full of life and energy and still will go around making everyone's beds.

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