Friday, November 26, 2010

Step up

In grade 8 I won the competition of best Richard Simmons impersonations in my gym class.

This past summer I trained to be a step aerobics instructor for Goodlife Fitness. I had to suppress my Richard Simmons-ness.

I've been teaching aerobics for a few months now and these are the things I've learned.

1) It's really hard to talk and workout at the same time.
2) You have to workout even if you don't want to sometimes
3) Charlotte isn't following the plan of happily going into the free child care while I teach
4) I sweat through my eardrums....or at least it feels that way
5) I can't eat before a class because I'm so nervous.
6) I feel amazing after the class and all the way home
7) No matter how much you try to put a spin on it, step aerobics is still a little 80s.
8) Anytime I hear an upbeat song, I make up a step routine for it in my head
9) I get really "phlegmy" 3/4ths of the way through my class
10) Getting paid to workout is really motivating.
11) I used to think Lulu Lemon workout attire was outrageously overpriced and not worth my time. I now think they have the MOST flattering and comfortable workout shorts I've ever worn.
12) People don't appreciate living below a step aerobics instructor-in-training.

Every few months the club releases new material for all the classes. We dress up and work as teams to present the new material. Here are a few pics from that night. The same night that I majorly messed up the choreography... not fun.

post workout. Hence my super shiny/sweaty face.

Now time for the plug.
One of the classes I teach on Wednesday nights has low attendance. It's always more fun with more participants. Getting any ideas? Come on out!! It's a great workout. You might even get to see a little Richard Simmons if you're lucky.

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