Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Wicked 9 Month Wait...

I am in my first trimester. The first trimester of my countdown to the broadway musical, Wicked, coming to Calgary that is.

I can't believe it was Amanda informing me of this information rather than the other way around. I usually stay on top of the tour schedules of all my favorite broadway musicals and try to figure out ways to get to the cities that they travel to. Of the broadway musicals I've seen - Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked - I have to say that Wicked and Lion are my favs. However, Wicked has a special place in my heart.

When I was attending BYU I used to work at the music and dance library. I spent a lot of time cataloging books and scores and while I did that I would listen to whatever I could find in the CD collection. Side note, that meant I carried around a discman. It didn't seem that long ago but the discman really makes it seem forever ago. The soundtrack to Wicked came out around that time and the library acquired a copy of it. I pretty much hoarded that CD and would keep renewing it to myself at the front desk despite the large demand there was for the one copy. I literally would listen to that soundtrack my entire shift and this behavior went on for weeks. The only downside was that I couldn't sing out loud to it in the library. There are strict rules against singing at the top of your lungs at the library apparently.

Listening to the Wicked soundtrack reminds me of when Dave and I would get together with our good friends Nate and Kelly for games nights. More often than not we would find ourselves involved in a marathon round of Settlers of Catan, overdosing on candy, and thanks to Kelly's great taste in musicals, the Wicked soundtrack being played on repeat.

My last, but not least, Wicked memory was when Dave and I went to California to visit his brother's family. We were able to see Wicked in LA and during the entire play I could barely be contained in my seat. I literally had tears of joy during some of my favorite songs. Dave didn't quite understand my exhiliration until 3 years later when we attended the NBA finals game between Celtics and Lakers in Boston. During the warm-up he turned to me in his excitement and said "Now I know how you felt at Wicked."

So it's time to break out the soundtrack again, this time I'll be listening to it on my ipod, and in 9 months I'll be having Wicked contractions, and I can't wait.

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