Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Garage Sale

Yesterday Mom and Dad cleaned out the garage (a huge undertaking to say the least) and put on a great garage sale this morning. The garage sale was a product of Alison wanting to make money to buy herself some toys in the summer time since her birthday falls right around Christmas. Who can blame someone for wanting that right?

She went through her toys and was a tough saleswoman (even to her own sister who had to buy the Dora Castle off of her) as she earned her new toy money. money. She even thought of a really cool way to collect money from people all on her own. She had two jars, one labeled dogs and one labeled cats. When the customer was ready to pay, they were to place their money in the jar that was their preferred pet, a cat or dog. By the end of the garage sale Alison would have a little neighborhood poll based on a dog vs cat preference. I told her there was just one problem. She needed a jar that said "neither" so that I could put my money in that one.

Alison had a few conditions with her earnings. First she had to pay tithing, then she had to decide how much to donate to someone in need, and then she had to put some in the bank for savings.

The Taurus was parked on one half of the driveway and a neighbor jokingly suggested we put a price tag on it. We thought it should say "comes with two sons and a half eaten, melted Dairy Queen Blizzard"

Alison enjoying her paper money (above)

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