Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have been waiting forever to get pictures from my father-in-law's camera from Dave's grad so I could post those before anything else. Well June, July and August have piled up and my pregnancy nesting brain is panicked that if I don't post now, I'll never post again. I'll try to keep things short and sweet, but I also treat this as a family journal so stop reading now if you don't have a few minutes to spare :)

I entered my late 20s. Who am I? I don't picture myself as someone who is closer to 30 than 20 or 25. There's no stopping it though.

The Tinkerbell birthday hats were to please Charlotte. At every party she asks about party hats. The dollarstore had either Cars or Tinkerbell to choose from, it was an obvious choice.

Between grads, and mine and Dave's families there were so many birthdays/celebrations in May and June that I was all caked out. I decided to go with cake pops from Starbucks for a smaller/lighter version of the birthday cake. I just stuck them in some foam in the shape of 27 and it was the perfect little treat to have on my birthday.

June also was the month of packing as we were moving July 1st. I took pictures of our cute little apartment because we made such good friends and memories while living in "The Hamlet Spot"

Our toys spilled into the hallway. Luckily for us the people across the hall were our good friends and have a daughter Charlotte's age so it became a common play area for the girls and a great chat area for the moms :)

Charlotte's little reading area

June also included a girl's trip to Idaho to visit Cherisa. She was there for a semester without Jordan (sad) in a tiny little apartment and she kindly let us all pile in for a visit.

You know it's a good trip when by the end of it you are completely exhausted.

Charlotte doing her makeup with me


Oh how I love Sundance Lake. We spend as many sunny days there as possible. Charlotte loves it and plays in the sand while I sit and watch her. Totally made pregnancy in the summer doable!

Another day at the lake Charlotte insisted on bringing/wearing her pink tutu over her swimsuit.

Thank goodness for 7 year old sisters. Alison was the perfect playmate/helper/beach beauty whenever we had a day at Sundance Lake

We also were invited to my sister-in-law's cabin for few days. It was just the moms and the kids (not to mention a very helpful and fun grandma Wendie) which made for an funfilled, noisey, wonderful time

As you can tell, July has the fewest amount of pictures. There's a reason for that, July was a tornado. Not only did we move that month but Dave also started his residency. After having Dave off for June I had to relearn how to be a residency widow. His schedule is so busy and he is currently averaging anywhere from 60 - 100 hr work weeks. On top of that is hours more of studying per week. He is perpetually sleep deprived while he juggles residency, studying, a pregnant wife and a two year old. He sacrifices a lot and doesn't have really any time to himself. We've realized the importance of communication, putting yourself in the other person's shoes, planning ahead and how to make our time together really count. Not to mention that a weekly date night is a must if at all possible.


I was hesitant to post this picture of us in Waterton since pregnancy has officially taken over my body, but it's the only chance we had in August to spend a couple consecutive days together. We love Waterton and enjoyed going for walks, getting ice cream, going to the park, and visiting with family. We wish we had more time there since there is so much to do. There's always next summer...

I finally buckled down and potty trained Charlotte. I know I know, they say not to do that too soon before a baby comes. Whatever. She got super excited with her little potty party, sticker chart and treats and with the help/advice of friends I can officially say that she is potty trained. Way to go Charlotte!

We finally have most of our moving boxes unpacked and put away which allowed me to break out the old sewing machine again. I'm mostly self taught which means all my projects have mistakes, and some I've had to redo. With that being said, here are a few of my latest projects. I would even venture to say that I'm getting faster and better. It's such an exciting feeling to see something that I actually sewed all by myself :)

One project was a pelmet box for our dining room. Thanks to mom and an online tutorial I think it turned out pretty cute

Next project was the drapes. Those I did all on my own and they took a lot longer than I thought, but again, I love how they turned out and you can't see any mistakes when they're hung up :)

The most recent thing I sewed is my pride and joy. I know they're only pillows but the fabric was expensive (and I'm obsessed with it) so I was really nervous to cut it up and then have it turn out terrible. Somehow they turned out exactly how I wanted. This was my first time trying piping and I LOVE the look of it. I don't know if I'll ever sew another pillow again without piping, it really takes it to the next level in my opinion.

Hopefully the next post I won't have to catch up on 3 months! The next post really should be documenting this pregnancy since I'm 36 weeks along haha.

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