Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Christmas in April

Easter Eggs!

Trip to the zoo

Now onto the Christmas explanation:
I got so spoiled for Christmas. 
a month or two before Christmas we found an AMAZING deal on a piano and we went for it. My home was never complete until we had a piano. It has been YEARS since I've been able to play the piano at home and I use it almost daily.  I told Dave I couldn't be happier and I was going to count that as my Christmas present, so don't get me anything else. 
He didn't listen, that smart man. For my Christmas gift, he scheduled a few days off work so I could go to  Arizona in April with my family WITHOUT the girls. I loved being able to wake up and fix my own breakfast, and do whatever I wanted WHENever I wanted. I played tennis, got fro-yo, played games, relaxed, read, sat by the pool and shopped. That was definitely the gift that kept on giving. There may or may not be pictures to document this trip, but I looked like a balloon in most of them since my baby weight likes to cling to me for dear life, so you will just have to picture in your minds a slightly tanned, more chubby version of myself. Enjoy. 

My parents Christmas gift to Dave, myself and the rest of my sibs, were concert tickets to the Coldplay concert. I'm not exaggerating when I say this was life-changing. Or as the bird-watching community calls a bird they will likely never see again, a lifer. This concert was a lifer. I don't know if I can ever go to another concert again because it would pale in comparison to the energy, talent, production, performance, music and ambiance of that concert. I am now a giant fan of Chris Martin and I think he is a musical genius. Here we are on the way to the concert.

At the doors of the concert, everyone was given a bracelet. During the first song, and then a song in the middle all the bracelets simultaneously lit up to create one of the coolest light shows I've ever seen.

At the end of the concert, I turned to Dave and said that I I would be so happy to just sit through that concert all over again here and now. My only regret was not buying a T-Shirt. I would parade that thing feeling so smug that I could say I went to that concert. If I am ever in a place where Coldplay is touring again I would without hesitation pay ALMOST any amount of money to see them again.

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