Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Isn't that the cutest little baby dolly you've ever seen? At least I think so. Her Aunt Amanda (L) gave her that cute little ensemble when she was born. I remember when she first gave it to me thinking "it will take forever for her to fit into this" and then what do ya know, she's wearing it! This has got to be the fastest 9 months of my life. It felt like I was pregnant with her for 2 years and now that's out it has just flown by a little too fast!
I kept saying, "Charlotte just move to the side so we can see both of you" This was as good as it got. She is such a poser for cameras. Lately she's been doing the "Kim Kardashian-look-over-the-shoulder-stick-the-hip-out" pose. The scary thing about that is I don't think she saw it anywhere, I think it just comes as a reflex when the camera comes out. 

 "Sniffy baby" 
 When Emmeline is being silly she scrunches her nose, smiles, and sniffs in and out really rapidly. Hence the nickname, sniffy baby. We think it's adorable and it's funny because I always scrunch my nose when I laugh hard. Maybe she is mine :)

Charlotte has been a piece of cake lately. Yes she's your regular 3 year old with lots of energy and is always wanting to be doing something. But she is so reasonable, polite, happy, fun, silly and is still napping! Seriously, thank you Charlotte, you rock! 

This June has been a little too rainy for my liking so on days that the sun comes out we drop everything and head outside. 

One day we went to lake with my parents. It was a great day! 

 Dave's parents live right on the same lake that my parents go to and this year they've added paddleboards to their water toys. Charlotte loves to go out for rides, and I have a blast with them too! 

We still make it outside on rainy days

At the beginning of June, Dave's sister, Amanda, invited the girls in the family down to her cabin in Montana for a little girls weekend. We did puzzles, shopped, ate out, painted nails and even made T-shirts. 

I love this series of pictures below. This is while we're waiting for our food at Cafe Jax. It was taking a while so Wendie started telling Charlotte some nursery rhymes and we all got such a kick out of Charlotte's uber concentrated face. I don't think I've ever concentrated that hard in my life. She definitely gets that from Dave. Although I might have to say that Wendie takes the cake in these photos for being most entertaining. 

 The homemade t-shirt. Let's just say that Charlotte fit right in in the little po-dunk town of Eureka

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