Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Dave!

Back in March Charlotte started asking about when the flowers were going to come. I told her that we live in Canada and flowers never come. Just kidding..sort of. It sparked a discussion about springtime, and the weather getting warmer. Like any 3 year old, Charlotte has a difficult concept of time so I told her to expect flowers around her Dad's birthday. She connected the two in her mind and determined that she was going to get her Daddy flowers for his birthday. She talked about it for months, but I kind of didn't take it seriously because, come on, flowers for a guy? 

The morning of Dave's birthday I told Charlotte it was her daddy's birthday. Her first question was "Is it spring? Are the flowers here?" She then ran into her room, and started getting changed so she could go pick some flowers for him. I was feeling a little worried that she was going to be very disappointed when she couldn't find any flowers for him, but lo and behold, we experienced a birthday miracle! We had just returned home from being in Orlando for the week and I hadn't had a chance to even look in our backyard, until that morning. When we did we noticed there were some red tulips that had bloomed. There was a part of me that wanted them to be left alone in the yard looking pretty, but the mom in me won. How could you tell your daughter who had been waiting months to pick flowers for her daddy that she couldn't pick those pretty red ones? I dare you to try.

Aren't these the cutest pictures? Charlotte picked her outfit down to the hat. The hat was a crucial part of the flower picking process. 

I wish I had a picture of Charlotte presenting them to Dave, it was so cute. 

For dinner we had a backyard BBQ which was delish. 

I love this picture of Dave. 
I snapped while he wasn't looking and I think he looks so ummmm hot in it! 

 I'm sure Emmeline is thinking "Happy birthday Daddy"

 The dinner spread with the trash bin in the background. The Low's know classy. 

After dinner we had some friends and family come over for cake and to watch the NBA playoffs. 
All in all it was a great day and I'm just grateful for Dave to pave the way to 28 one month before me. Somehow it seems like it will soften the blow.

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