Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

We wish we could be there to help you celebrate your birthday, but since we can't be there we decided to put back your den for your birthday. See below for the step by step assembly.
Step 1: Remove furniture

Step 2: Clean out the Den (yes mom, I did the baseboards)

Step 3: Evaluate the beast

Take bedroom door off and attempt to move the beast

Ben "Helping"

Step 4: Take off railing

We were able to get the huge desk downstairs but after many attempts of trying to get it into the den we had to finally take it apart. Eventually we were able to get it into the den and put it back together
Charlotte sleeping on the job

Charlotte finally wakes up to help and struggles to carry the keys downstairs

Step 5: Clean off office furniture

Step 6: Try to figure out where all the stuff goes (even though Spencer looks more like he's posing as a model, he's trying to look as though he doesn't know where things go haha)

Step 6: Still try to figure out how 9 pieces of office furniture fit into the tiniest room in the house

Step 7: Finally get things together! (we think)
It was a lot of work and fun to put this together for you and hopefully this little gift will make moving back seem like not QUITE so daunting. We hope you have a great birthday and are exciting to see you soon!
Love Jenny, Jordan and Spencer

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