Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dave and I were lucky enough to escape to Banff overnight without Charlotte. We had so much fun (no offence Charlotte, we love you). It was like we were boyfriend and girlfriend again . We laughed tons, flirted, had great conversations, rode the highly overpriced gondola (which was spectacular), swam at the pool, ate at a ridiculously delicious (and again overpriced) breakfast buffet, shopped on Banff Avenue, ate at Earls, bought chocolate caramel apples and watched Eclipse in our room at the Banff Springs Hotel. At one point while we were strolling down mainstreet Dave exclaimed, "What a beautiful day! Now hold my hand for heaven's sake!" How cute is that? really the trip was perfect.

We took another picture first like the one above but I was in the foreground. I switched places with him and he totally called me out on why I wanted to switch. He said he didn't want to be the one with the big face either. Sorry Dave.

I love being married to Dave because whether it's a date night or a stressful moment he can always make me laugh... okay some stressful moments it just makes me more mad, I'll be honest :)

Special thanks to mom and dad for watching Char for us! We owe you!

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