Monday, September 20, 2010


on June 30, 2010 Dave and I had gone to bed after a tiring day. At around midnight we heard a knock on the door and we assumed it was Ben saying he was locked out of his apartment. I thought about ignoring it, but when the knocks persisted I stumbled out of bed and threw on my house coat. Groggily I opened the door to find Jordan and Cherisa standing there. My mind jumped to the only explanation of why they would knock on our door so late. Before I could say anything Jordan excitedly told me they were engaged and Cherisa showed me her beautiful ring. If I had not just been woken up I would have cried out of joy. I felt so happy for them!

Cherisa is beautiful, kind, full of the spirit and of life. We all love her and can't wait for her to officially be a part of the family.

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