Monday, September 20, 2010


This past May, Mom, Amanda, Alison, Dave, Charlotte and I headed out to Elbow Falls for an afternoon. It is so beautiful there and although it wasn't quite as sunny as we had hoped for we still enjoyed our time outside.

When I looked back at the pictures I took of this day, I noticed that the pictures captured the personalities and identities of everyone. I thought it was really cute and interesting to see how the essence of that person shone through a single picture.

Dave: Kind, easy going, helpful, great dad, loving
Charlotte: loves the outdoors, loves her dad, loves to do things, happy

Amanda: fun, silly, really coming into her own, knows who she is, happy, loving, sister

Alison: happy, energetic, full of life, innocent, life of the party, creative, knows how to pose :)

Mom: reflective, calm, peaceful, full of love and faith, beautiful, loves family togetherness

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